Working with Pictures


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"I can't even draw a straight line!"

I hear this every time I tell my workshop participants they are about to draw. What is it about drawing that strikes such fear in people's hearts? And what's so great about straight lines anyhow?

EVERYONE CAN DRAW. At least well enough to communicate core ideas, collaborate on projects, and ideate new products. You just need a few simple skills, and a visual vocabulary. I know, because I've taught people the basics of drawing in as little as 20 minutes.

This is designed to be a tiny book - just 3x5 inches and 32 pages- of these design exercises! 

 That way anyone who need to communicate on a whiteboard or a paper napkin has the tools to do it.

It includes how to draw shapes, people, objects, interfaces, diagrams and concept models. Everything you need to express your great next business idea!

Files include a pdf to read on electronic devices, as well as a printable pdf. You can just print on both sides, cut it at the lines, fold it in half and start drawing... Get a blank scout notebook, and carry them together.


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Working with Pictures